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Reviving Netscape Navigator

Making moves

First of all Thank you for Firefox It's a great browser But not the best. Hands down the best browser of all time Is Netscape navigator It is dearly missed And very loved. So my question and comment is Have you thought maybe about bringing back Netscape Back. I know Firefox Is your main product But Firefox was based on Netscape And the original Netscape was just incredible. At least in my opinion I think that if you Work on a project to revive the old navigator It might actually get a positive response. I would love to hear your opinion


Making moves

I'm with you on this. I would be open to a vastly updated Netscape browser. I remember thinking when Windows Vista came out that Netscape should call its next version "Netscape Vista." Even though Windows Vista isn't a thing anymore I think releasing a highly capable Netscape browser, possibly still called "Netscape Vista," could attract a lot of attention.