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longtime Mozilla fan, losing my religion

Making moves

More and more often, I find that Firefox simply will not work adequately.  This seems especially true with streaming content.  Just today I went to a mainstream media site, clicked on a "watch this video" link, and I got....nothing.  I tried Chrome with same link, and the video came right up.  Is this because the sites are collaborating against Mozilla products?  I doubt it.  Its simply because Mozilla is falling farther and farther behind.

Mozilla, already well below 3% of the browser market, had better get its act together or else it will become another footnote in Netscape Navigator.  It may already be too late.


Making moves

I find lingering "firefox isolated web  content" processes are the culprit. kill those off and things work again. But yeah,I'm about ready to move too and have been a long time mozilla fan.