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Restoring my home page after changing firefox set up

Making moves

Will say up front I caused the problem probably; I am an old lady and not a techie..  I have used Firefox since its inception.  I have used for 10+ years.  About 10 days ago I tried to pay a bill online and I could not get the bill to open up Itried looking at my firefox set up and, unfortunaetly, did the refresh function thinking I might need to do that.  Well, now when I first logon Firefox recognizes refdesk as my home page but the "home" icon is not attached so I am never returned to refdesk.  I tried  refdesk support first and they tell me it is something to do with my browser setting.  I cannot add any pointers of sites [previously had several added].  What do I need to have set to make this work?  I can work around it but it is a real pain . Any help is greatly appreciated