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Request for Thunderbird to clean up prefs after email account removal

Making moves

I've been using TB forever. Was really pleased that it enabled oauth2 support for Exchange via IMAP which I set up for all my accounts. But then I found out at the 11th hour that GoDaddy can't support Microsoft's true catch-all workaround (Oscar for Kludgiest tying one into knots) so I bit the bullet and re-established all my TB accounts via MXrouting using POP3. (I'm an old guy; my email strategy relies on catch-all accounts). In making that transition back to POP3 I discovered that even though I had "removed" all of the oauth2 accounts, lots of office365 and oauth2 stanzas remained in prefs including all of the office365 smtp servers associated with the "removed" office365 accounts. So, my request is to make the clean-up process a bit more robust. (Microsoft registry cleanup after app removal has a similar problem.) I did the clean-up by manual edits but that's not a real solution.