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Request Alternate Pricing Plan for Firefox Relay Premium

Making moves

Firefox Relay Premium is bundled with VPN and the password manager.  Many users, like I, already have Norton Antivirus that comes bundled with a VPN and password manager.  So the price to use Relay Premium is too much for us.  Could you please offer a separate price for just Firefox Relay so that we can afford it?




Hi @GastonM, I'm a bit confused: there is a pricing plan for just Firefox Relay? If you go to, you should see "limited email protection" that is free (but has a limit of five free email masks), and plain "email protection" that is just Firefox Relay and costs €0.99 a month (or similar in your currency), assuming that Relay Premium is available in your country.

I just found out that if you click on the Upgrade button, you see other pricing plans including the one that you mentioned.  The landing page should at least mention that there are other plans.

Hmm, the page looks different depending on what country you're in, I think, so I'm not entirely sure what you see (maybe you could share a screenshot? If you right click and select "Take Screenshot" in Firefox, you can take a screenshot of the full page), but I see the plans on the landing page. Possibly you have to scroll down? (The comma following my link above broke that link, unfortunately.) If you're not seeing the plans, that sounds like a bug that we should fix, because I agree that the page should mention them.

Here's what I see:



Oh! I think I understand what's going on: you're logged in with a free account, so you see your email dashboard, and apparently there's no clear way to go from there to a regular Premium subscription. That's good feedback, I'll share it with the team. Thanks!

Making moves

Hi Vincent.  When I go to the link you gave me, this is what I see:

Introducing: ⁨Relay⁩ + ⁨VPN⁩ subscription plan

This is what the page at the end of the link you gave me says:

Upgrade your subscription to get both ⁨Relay Premium⁩ Phone Masking + ⁨Mozilla VPN⁩ for ⁨$6.99⁩/month. Upgrade now to get ⁨40%⁩ off ⁨Mozilla VPN⁩!

I see nothing about a Relay only pricing plan.