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Making moves

I often use the Discord app in-browser. I have a problem where, even when clearing my history of (and not having it bookmarked) and having bookmarked, is automatically suggested first, every time. I don't want that. I want my bookmark/Firefox suggest to come first. Why can't this be done? I've gone through all of the settings and checked every one of them off and there's no way I can make the default over

Would it be possible to make your bookmarks/Firefox suggest come up first? It doesn't even have to be the default, just give me the option to make that possible.

And if extra incentive is needed to make this happen: Google Chrome already lets you go to exactly the page you need to go to and you can remove suggestions directly from the drop down menu.

EDIT: Found a solution. To help people here who are looking for the answer to my question:

I went into about:config and switched browser.urlbar.autoFill.adaptiveHistory.enabled to True (by double-clicking).

In defense of my post, this solution wasn't explicitly posted in any discussion; I learned from a comment about about:config and dug through the options until I found what worked for my specific situation.