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Reordering extensions in the new menu is painful

Making moves

With the change that brought the new puzzle piece icon menu came the inability to freely reorder extensions within that menu, which once used to be a feature in the overflow menu. Trying to drag around extensions within the menu achieves nothing; trying to edit the menu within the toolbar customization is impossible as clicking on the puzzle piece does nothing, including moving around the puzzle piece itself. The only way to reorder the extensions within the new menu is to pin them to the toolbar and unpin them, which only moves them to the top of the list. So in order to reorder the extensions in a way you like, you have to pin and unpin extensions in reverse order.

Not only is this incredibly inconvenient, but also extremely annoying.



The other method involving manual editing of JavaScript data might be even worse.

There is a post on the "Ideas" side of the site collecting suggestions on improving the Extensions Button drop-down. I don't know whether this issue is in there, but I assume it is. Either way, feel free to add: