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Firefox Updates

Making moves

Why is it that when Firefox tells me there is an update and I refuse a few times I start to get lots of spam emails ? Is this a Mozilla scare tactic ?



Hmm, you get emails from Mozilla, or emails from others?

Usually whatever spam filters are used by your email site work the same regardless of your browser or browser version because they are applied to your mailbox on the server.


My emails are with Gmail, but there must be some connection as the Spam emails only arrive when Firefox has an update available.  I have had weeks of no Spam and then a couple of days ago I started getting notifications that there is an update available which I dismissed several times because it wasn't convenient and, wham, now heaps of spam. This has happened numerous times in the past. Any advice on how my spam filters should be set up would be greatly appreciated.


Making moves

rustypic - I've had the exact same experience but I use Outlook.  Would an agent from Firefox technical support please explain how we can resolve this issue?  Thank you!

Hi there,

For your info read my other post called 'Firefox Updates'. I made some heavy accusations and still got no reply from Mozilla techs. By the way I now use Chrome with nil issues, yet 🙂