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Recent issues with Firefox: giant icons in Google Maps and uncopyable text

Making moves

I'm a long-time user of Firefox, dating back almost to the year of release. I've stuck with Firefox faithfully, through good times and bad. Recently, however, there seem to be new glitches that compromise my experience of the browser, to the point where I'm not sure how long I can continue using it. Two issues in particular:

(1) In Google maps, HUGE commercial icons appear, which often seriously interfere with navigability (covering up streets, street names, etc.). I can eventually maneuver my way around these giant icons by resizing a map and shifting left, right, etc., but it's tremendously annoying. This problem with oversized icons appears to be a problem only on Firefox: when I use Google maps on Edge or Chrome, I have no issues.
(2) The second issue is more serious, because it hampers my work: many web pages do not allow me to copy and paste text. I am forced to copy the URL and paste it into a different browser in order to be able to copy the text.

I don't know if others are experiencing these issues, but they have to be resolved soon if I am to continue using Firefox.


Making moves

Having problems with Firefox as well. 

1. GoogleMaps now opens to Oklahoma City.  I do not live there, have never been there; I've lived on the East Coast all of my life
2. If I type in Home for where GoogleMaps should go, my home address map shows up in Light Mode for two seconds, then flips to Dark Mode which is totally illegible.

I tested GoogleMaps this morning using Chrome, and there were no problems.

3. I access a program similar to Zoom that uses my system camera and mic.  Yesterday the program informed me it could not access my camera.  Next time I am going to try using that weblink through Chrome.

Like you I have been a loyal user, all the way back to Netscape 2.0.  But this is breaking my support of Mozilla and anything assoiated with it.

Making moves

I'm having the same problem with Safari, so I suspect it's something deliberate by Google.

Zero chance of my moving to Chrome.