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Alignment of "offering services per paid subscription"

Making moves

I read through the legal agreement, and found a segment describing the process that follows a failure to pay for the subscribed-to service. The described was, that in the case of a subscribeé failing to pay, the service will be cancelled immediately and account terminated two months later. While that seems fair; after-all it costs to provide the services, this actually impoverishes Mozilla. Here's why.

Impoverishing dynamic
The subscribed-to service may be relied upon, by the individual, family-to-the-individual, background, networks, contractors, society, community, culture and so forth. In such a case, the pressure is towards ensuring that the subscription-fee is paid, as sudden loss thereof can cause disruption (which manifests onwards, like a small crack turning into a larger one). While the responsibility can be said to be placed with those thus consuming the service-fee being paid on time, the pressure none-the-less arise. The demand for the subscription-fee to be paid on time, thus makes it harder for those without monetary access to subscribe; unconsciously blocked by the risk that sudden loss can cause a disruption at an unwelcome time. This increases the navigational burden placed on these lives, as consciously they may be unable to fathom the impact of such a sudden loss. This demand also interfaces with indebtment; increase acceptance, forming rationalization and pushing debting. This manner of providing a service, thus yields a kind of demand, that is part of causing indebtment and hardships for those suffering at poverty.

A slight change to improve service-performance
This is not to accuse nor the likes, but to highlight that such a dynamic exists, which may yield undesirable outcomes for the Mozilla foundation. A simple way to overcome this, to quite an extent, is to request a payment several times prior to closing off access to the service. Certainly, this is a small loss - business-wise. However it actually decreases a lot of harm/damage, otherwise caused, and gives a bit of space. This alignment; peace with many lives, aligns the service-provision with various demand otherwise contradicted, and may as such improve employee/support-performance, decrease the negative consumption-imprint involved (like charity, just avoiding causing damages to begin with) and so forth - overall yielding a gain business-wise.

Please do check the logic. Basically the approach to providing the service involves a small glitch, that can be overcome by understanding the dynamics of the reality-system within which we exist, improving service-provision/system-performance.

--- NOTE for moderators ---
I'd like to ask moderators to delete this message after a while, if at all possible. I don't like leaving traces, and frankly it consumes electricity unnecessarily; also revealing patterns of thought and logical sequencing, which leaves me vulnerable to hacking (convincing, applied psychotherapy, manipulations like gaslighting and so forth). The latter, of course, is unlikely to matter much, but it is a principle; like privacy-practices.