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Rapid update cycle equals loss of funtionality

Making moves

The recent releases have been coming on the heels of the prior one.

Things have deteriorated.

1 - FF 123 is not recognized by ChatGPT (clouflare)
"Your browser is out of date"
"Update your browser to view this website"
This happens with any site that uses cloudflare, They all work in any chromium-based browser.

2 - The "puzzle-piece" icon no longer list all the extension is the list shown in setting|extensions

3 - When printing, some previews are blank and print blank pages.

4 - in the past week a half-dozen downloads have frozen FF. They all worked in ANY other browser

FF still has a better feature set but it has become so much less usable that I find myself setting other browsers (brave) as my default.

I might add that the same kind of feature degradation afflicts thunderbird.

There is an old saying: if it ain't broke don't fix it. In this case the rubric seems to be if it ain't broke, break it. I'm all for under-the-hood performance improvements, but the ui used to be almost perfect. Sadly, no longer.