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Improvements to the Firefox sidebar are on the way…

In the latest Nightly Blog post, our product team has announced some exciting work aimed at improving the sidebar experience in Firefox. To quickly summarize… We have been exploring (including listening to all your feedback and ideas here on Connect)...

Jon by Community Manager
  • 9 replies
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Mozilla Connect Weekly Recap: Top-Voted Ideas (4/5-4/12)

Hey all, Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekly Recap here in the Mozilla Connect community! This post will highlight the top 10 most-voted ideas for the previous week (4/5-4/12). While some are ‘new ideas’ and others are already ‘in review’ (l...

Jon by Community Manager
  • 0 replies
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Share your thoughts on how you shop online!

Hello Firefox Community! I’m Joy, a member of the Firefox Product team. I’m excited to engage with you on Mozilla Connect and learn more about your experiences shopping online on Firefox. Our team is working on ways to support and enhance your online...

Upgrading your computer and moving your Firefox data

Hello, Connect community!Our team at Mozilla is trying to understand how we can make the transition from one computer to another easier for Firefox users who upgrade their devices. We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. What worked for yo...

asafko by Employee
  • 63 replies
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Firefox Updates

Why is it that when Firefox tells me there is an update and I refuse a few times I start to get lots of spam emails ? Is this a Mozilla scare tactic ?

rustypic by Making moves
  • 4 replies
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Why does Firefox sometimes just not work with some sites?

Firefox has been my default browser (Mac) for years, and it usually works well (except see this: Please mark minimized windows with a ♦ in the Window menu) But occasionally I find a website that works with other browsers, but not Firefox. The most co...

GRobLewis by Making moves
  • 14 replies
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Outlook.com right click paste and copy not available

Screenshots show the difference between Edge and Firefox in outlook.com context menu.Why is paste not available in Firefox on outlook.com. I tried the latest version of Firefox, did a refresh, tried in troubleshoot mode, private session etc.The only ...

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-12 074054.png Schermafbeelding 2023-04-12 073841.png
Speedynix by Making moves
  • 11 replies
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Feedback: Firefox disappointment

I was more or less a happy user of Firefox 55 (no misprint here). If you wonder why I didnt update since then, see below. The only problem with Firefox 55 was that it was not rendering correctly more and more pages. Yesterday I finally updated to Fir...

Address bar behavior on Android

It would be nice if when you click an address in the address bar after highlighting it, it automatically brings up the edit menu (copy, cut, paste, etc). Right now you have to unhighlight it, click it again, hold, press select all and only then does ...

google not able to removed from search!~

I ABSOLUTELY hate with more then I hate basement sleepy biden an treasonous osama obama, and cannot delete it why from the search part?????That should always be able to be removed as I do not trust google one freaking ioda as Bing gives me the answer...

Omega13 by Making moves
  • 1 replies
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After the recent surprise update

Used this product happily for years, and contributed occasionally to Mozilla largely because of it.  But after the latest sudden, unexpected, forced update, it wet to hell.  Used to be I could have subfolders to any folder, like under "Bills" I had e...

homepage shortcuts & firefox sync

I tried firefox sync. to load stuff in a fresh install of firefox.All my shortcuts were replaced by random pages from the history. even on the machine I had all pinned shortcuts. all my shortcuts lost. for things like this I'll rather export bookmark...

shad by Making moves
  • 0 replies
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