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"junk mail" filter is junk

Making moves

I've given up on trying to "fix" the junk mail filter. I'm on a couple of listserves and no matter what I do some of the posts from them go to junk. Of course I manually mark them as not junk and I've added individual email addresses to my personal address book. I have tweaked settings to make sure it's trying to learn. Some messages still go to junk. When a mail from the "birdchat" listserve comes in with "[birdchat]" in the subject line, and it's from the university of Arizona (always the same address), how can it still think it's junk????

I'm much happier now that I've turned off junk mail filtering. I don't get a big volume of actual junk, so just manually marking them in the inbox and then clearing the junk folder is much easier.