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QOL Idea forum suggestions

Making moves

This site is functional and doubt is used much so can't blame you if you don't consider it's worthwhile spending time prettying it up, but some odd issues and requests:

Request: Highlight staff
Surprisingly, many topics have insightful staff replies, but they can be burried under multiple pages of comments that are slow to browse through. It wold be great if an idea's "card" showed the number of staff replies, and if there was a quick way to jump to such replies in the thread

Request: Kudos for comments
If the idea of kudos is to make more valuable posts easier to find, I think adding kudos to comments would be useful, since it would be much easier to find insightful and useful comments as opposed to less helpful comments, namely "+1" posts that I feel clog up the thread

Bug? Threaded ideas
The site offers (simple) threading to discussions, but not ideas? I think threading would make for a neater, more organised reading experience

Bug? Limited posts per page on ideas
Like above, there's the option to show many posts per page but that doesn't seem to apply to ideas? For me, clicking through 10 different pages, waiting for each to load is exhausting and time consuming. I would love to load up all replies at once, so I can read without waiting for a page load, and I can search all comments via ctrl+f and such

Minor things
Bug: In settings, sometimes the list of sub categories of settings will change from hyperlinks to a drop down list, then revert back.
Suggestion: I would like if all sub categories were shown in just one page for easier and faster navigation and changing of settings
Bug: Choosing labels for posts, clicking the label will often oddly format the text, and push the button away, so you'd need to click twice to apply one label
Suggestion: Compact posts. I feel there's way too much padding/white space on comments posts etc, which makes the thread look far larger than it is, and makes viewing posts slower


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, this is very helpful! We've been looking into a few of these, especially ways to highlight employee posts and particular comments in threads. There are kudos for comments in the Discussions board, but not currently in Ideas - just so all votes count towards the specific request. Definitely worth exploring.