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Problems with 115 on Windows

Making moves

The latest version of Thunderbird has the following problems (from major to minor):

1) It is not behaving correctly with one of my accounts (call it account B). I do not have it check for new messages at startup; instead, it has always presented me with a login dialog when I click Get Messages. It no longer does this; it does nothing. I haven't changed any settings.

I tried changing it to check for new messages at startup, but then it presented login dialogs for both the account for which I have always been doing this (account A) and account B; and authentication failed for both.

How do I get the login dialog back? Account B mostly gets spam, along with a few real messages, so I need to weed it out regularly.

2) What happened to the easy message filter that allowed you to search by subject, sender, or recipient?

3) The message list display font is too small.


Making moves

You would think that Thunderbird developers would have advised us users of the dramatic changes with the new 115 and given is "less tech savvy users" an easy path to downgrade back to previous version.

How can we get the message back to developers?