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Features Request & Errors - Android

Making moves

Hello there,

There is NO option to Disable or Enable Reader Mode in Firefox as per the users choice. Don't you guys feel the importance of having control over it?

Native/Built-in Player needs a lotta improvements. Seeking a video to a certain point of time takes like forever due to the fact that Firefox caches the full file first, then serves you as far as I can understand. It's super frustrating and time consuming as well. Let alone how much data a person is lossing who just wants to watch a portion of a file by a single tap on the seekbar. Please work on that ASAP. In addition, More controls/features like Picture in Picture, Fit to the Screen, Swipe up on the Left to control the brightness and Right to control the volume and Rotating a video should be introduced in the next update. What's your opinion(s)? 

"uBlock Origin" is the most unique add-on which attracts me to use Firefox on a daily basis. But those issues are the obstacles. Enriching the Add-ons section gradually will be a plus.

Firefox allows us to use 3rd party DM (Download Manager) that is Superb. But why not giving us an option to set our Preferred DM

Issue - If I select Shortcuts only from settings to be displayed on the Home Page, Why do I have to see my visited URLS as Shortcuts that has been turned off? Another thing, If I search for an image on Google and want to download it from that page, FF doesn't allow this simple action!! Lame👎

I request Everybody , including the Devs to drop their valuable thoughts on the issue(s) mentioned above as well as the features requested. Every single request made here is valid and logical and must to have in a Browser that can be set as our Default. 

Note - I really loved the overall experience while using FF for a few days and wanted to stick with it. But couldn’t as I needed those features mentioned above badly. So I had to get back to my regular one that also has its flaws, but not those much.

Thanks for reading with patience and don't forget to drop your opinions 🙏