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Power consumption on video playback of Firefox vs. Chrome

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Is it planned to adress the high power consumption of Firefox compared to chrome-based browsers in the near future?

I am a long-time Firefox user but noticed recently, that my GPU (Radeon RX 6700 XT) consumes on video-playback in the browser about 30W, e.g. on Youtube (1080p@60 fps), while in any chrome-based browser, the power consumption is about 7W (read with GPU-Z).

This is unfortunately a big gap and brings more issues than just the higher power consumption, e.g. the zero-fan mode of the graphics card is not working under all conditions due to the elevated power consumption.


Making moves

yes, same happen to me.

Making moves

Dont know what OS you use but on windows 11 i had the same problem. Solution was to disable animation effects from windows accessibility settings and guess what, it drastically lowered the gpu usage by a lot!!!

Making moves

There is a big problem and optimization is really needed. The Firefox is probably needed to completely switch to FFmpeg and not use self wrote code.

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