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please stop removing functions without leaving us any choice

Making moves

Please stop removing basic functions and leaving us behind. This time it's the downloads, something so fundamental that it's a MAJOR part of many of our workflows. It's one thing to add options, or even add a new option and make it the new default, but it's another entirely to REPLACE old functions without leaving us the ability to leave things as they were.

I've seen other posts showing how to reverse it in the config, but how long will it be before even that's removed? After all, it's only the vocal minority, so why listen after you've already decided how you're going to "improve" what already worked? Let me guess, you discussed this in advance and heard little if anything in opposition (possibly because you were only talking to other designers)? Why didn't we say something sooner? It wasn't a problem until you made it one. By the way, naming it "improvements" is just twisting the knife.

I, like many others, use Firefox because of it's flexibility. Unilateral changes that remove functionality like this are contrary to that and it makes it even more galling.


Making moves

I know what you mean. First they changed the layout to make bookmarks double-spaced, now the auto-download thing. The option in settings for "always ask" didn't work. Good thing I found helpful people to steer me through the config page. When will they learn that if I wanted Chrome, I'd use Chrome? I use Firefox because all the other browsers are less useful. I'm sure I'm only one or two more updates away from losing the menu bar permanently.

I've been using Firefox since 1998. All their "updates" and "improvements" were tolerable, as they were generally out of the area I used the browser. Now these changes are getting obtuse. Please stop, Firefox. You're the only browser left with some semblance of usability.

Making moves

????????????????????????????Mozilla are you insane???????????????????????????? WTF are you doing????????????????????????????

Making moves

 I use Firefox for work exclusive for how the download feature used to be, now looking at alternatives. Autosave is breaking my processes at my job, I hate this feature. There always was a feature to save things if people wanted no need to make that the default. I hate this browser now, **bleep** updates without option to keep key functions how we want them. Two thumbs down

Making moves

I am still waiting the reenablement of custom extensions for non-Nightly Firefox for Android. Two years and still no news of it.