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please-return to highlighting-on-menus and square-corners on drop-down menus & context-menus

Making moves



Starting in Mozilla Firefox version 114.0, I have noticed that when you put your mouse-cursor over the " "Menu" bar", the items in the menu-bar are UNDERLINED instead-of HIGHLIGHTED. I wish there was a way to change this and make the-"Menu bar"-items go-back to being HIGHLIGHTED instead-of UNDERLINED.


--> The "attach file" thingy was taking-too-long to attach the picture-file that is a photo taken with my cellphone, of what I was talking-about, even-though the file was only 2.2 megabytes, so I have uploaded the picture temporarily to a picture-uploading website and have copy-pasted the URL in here:


ALSO: I also-noticed that the drop-down-menus--themselves are with-"rounded corners" now. I really hate that. I wish they would go-back to being "squared off" corners, which consumes much-less-space than "rounded-off corners" (because, in rounded-off corners, it's "more difficult" to "click-on" the corner, than it is to "click on" the exact corner in "squared-off" corners).


I also really-wish that Mozilla-Firefox would consult-with-us the Firefox-webbrowser users before they make subtle and/or ridiculous changes like these.

➡️ (Case in point: When they got--rid-of Firefox Tab-Groups, when actually, they were the Primogenitor of Tab-Groups, BEFORE Google or even Microsoft or even Vivaldi or even Opera ever implemented-them. Firefox has had "Tab-Groups" ever-since Firefox version 4.0. AND, TONS of people, myself included, HEAVILY-use "Tab Groups".

👉 (By my count -- according to "FoxyTabs" addon, I currently-have 7,000+ tabs currently-open in Firefox. AND i have more than 36 tab-groups currently (i had to count-them one by one, by hand), according to "Simple Tab Groups" addon (which unfortunately, is not as stable as Firefox-TabGroups/"Panorama" in Firefox-version-4.0 ☹️ 😢 )). , , ).

And, if you're going to make subtle changes like these, don't "hide them" and/or "hope we won't notice / hope we don't notice". The Firefox version-114.0 release-notes don't say ANYTHING about these User-Interface changes. Only .


PLEASE, PLEASE Firefox, give us BACK the option [and/or ability] to highlight "Menu bar"-items again when we put our mouse-cursor over it, and please give-us-BACK the ability to make the-dropdown-Menu-items "squared-off corners" again.



Tab Groups (also known as Panorama) are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. With Tab Groups you can visually group related tabs, switch between groups and quickly search through all of your tabs. This video will have you juggling dozens of tabs in no time. More - ...

Making moves

Is there an option in the CSS for the old style drop-down menus with squared-off corners?
Will downgrading to 112 bring these back?


i have no opinion but i opinion that we should try to spread-the-word about what this "new update" to Mozilla-Firefox (ie. the update to version 114) caused. so more-people know.

Making moves

For that matter, is there a way to mix and match Firefox source code so that I can compile a version with the GUI I want, but still incorporate the latest engine?

good question. <"thinking" emoji / "deep in thought" emoji>.