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Fenix needs more Addons preenabled, even though they work!

Making moves

I maintain a list of working addons.

All of them work on mobile, most of them perfectly without issues.

At the moment mobile seems even more limited than it actually is. Yes looots of features dont work. It is even more restricted than FF desktop. But there are actually tons of working addons!

  • Forget me not: this adds a nessecary feature, whitelisting sites from getting their cookies wiped. Either you allow all sites to track you forever, or you have to login always. This is so incredibly bad either for privacy or usability, especially with 2FA everywhere, its insane
  • Firefox Translations: it actually has a really nice popup and mobile view now! 100% working. Add it!
  • Singlefile: necessary, also there is no page saving on mobile, which is really bad
  • playback speed: one of the available html5 speed control addons. afaik also not there on mobile
  • view page source: very handy
  • ninja cookie, I dont care about cookies e.g.: essential
  • qr: essential. No native support for that, but the addon works fine
  • Libredirect, other addons working with URLs (ClearURLs, Zoom redirector, Leechblock, redirector, redirect amp to html, scihub x now, wayback machine,....) all work perfectly fine and add essential features.
  • changing your user agent: this may not improve privacy but there are actually sites that block Firefox mobile. Solution often is to use Desktop mode, but this is bad. Just posting such a site to the compat index doesnt solve the problem.


Please make Firefox mobile more user friendly. Its not actually that restricted.


Firefox mobile has addon support. This is unique. Make it shine by not restrict it like that, you are killing that browser otherwise.


Making moves

I updated my list. Please add all of them, they all work and often have essential features!