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Making moves

I am sairam from India, Firefox is my first browser and  sadly it works as not expected.

When i am using windows it works perfect and in Linux distro's firefox not working as expected.

My Encounters:

1. Ubuntu Sync features not worked some times

2. You People created awesome firefox developer edition but it cannot able to start local development server in that And sadly we have to install it manually, using APT or Any Linux distro's not possible .

3. I am a developer i use Udemy and Other websites to learn anything new in That even DRM content enabled videos wont play. some plugins crashed.

Tiered of Checking online to fix or Even my browser upto date no luck, everything of these work perfect in chrome.


I Sincerely apologies not providing any data sadly i deleted everything N giving my time to provide feedback, if anyone face issue like mine, this will be a reference.


Making moves
  1. I have no problem with Firefox Sync, maybe your "Ubuntu Sync" had problems which is different...
  2. On Linux every functionality has it's own software, so if you want a development server for web pages you will need to install a web server.
    Firefox Developer edition does have extra functionality that web developers can use but it is NOT a web server, you need to install that separately as said above.
    There are IDE's to edit your web page and Javascript, that have build-in functionality to connect with Firefox for debugging purposes, if you editor does not have that functionality then maybe change editors...
  3. For DRM content you need to enable it in the settings plus your Operating system needs to be configured to cooperate with it. Otherwise it is only logical that DRM content crash...

Note: We in the Linux community feel no sadness if a Win$@$ user comes and leaves without seeking out help for his problems, we are used to that kind and only say bye bye...