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Opening downloads and other library pages in tabs instead of windows

Making moves

So, I used to be able to open the downloads page (Show all downloads), in a tab instead of a window, I'm not sure wether I changed anything in order to do that, or if that was the standard behavior all along.
However I just noticed that instead of it opening in a tab, it now opens in a window, meaning that if you have several monitors like me, you end up having to guess which window it opened in..

It's fine if you change the standard behavior, it's also fine if that behavior is really monorically implemented (it happens), it is not fine to not grant users the option to change it back.

This behavior is extremely annoying, there's zero benefit to it, and at the very least we should get a choice to override it, perhaps by adding a button of sorts? (crazy idea I know)

And it's not like firefox is incapable of doing this because I can just visit about:downloads and get the page in a tab...

So where is our "display in tab" button?