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New Thunderbird Main Page Ergonomics and Visuals Are A Step Backwards

Making moves

The recent changes to the Main/Primary interface webpage went in the wrong direction.

Why did you even spend time and donated money "fixing" a non-problem? It was visually and functionally fine as it was. Must have been similar to the thought process Microsoft uses whenever it "improves" the Windows user interface.

"Button" placement is terrible and apparently has little to no ability to be changed by user. This applies especially to "Get Messages" and "Delete" buttons. It now more awkward to use these buttons even after becoming familiar with the changes.

The main page appearance is very washed-out. Can't even see edges/boundaries of buttons. Contrast in particular is significantly reduced and attempts to fix it using display settings (including various settings of brightness, contrast, saturation, and gamma) tend to screw-up every other application's interface by the time the Thunderbird page begins to become a comfortable read again (even then, it remains degraded compared to the old presentation).

If there is a way to return to the "old" main page layout and settings, it would be nice to know how to do it.

A sincere thank you for the ability to provide feedback.  It is appreciated, as is the work you do on Thunderbird.


Making moves

Was there some hidden reason to make it worse? I agree with every word above, and then some.