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Thunderbird Supernova does not allow bulk deletion of email messages

Making moves

Since upgrading to Thunderbird Supernova 115.9.0, I can no longer delete more than one email at a time.  Supernova will not allow bulk deletion of email messages from the "Inbox" or "Trash" folders.  I must delete email messages one at a time from the "Inbox" and when the deleted messages go into the "Trash" folder I must then delete them one at a time from the "Trash" folder.  Deleting email messages in bulk worked perfectly fine before upgrading to the "Latest & Greatest" Supernova version of Thunderbird.  Please have the developers look into a fix for this very frustrating step backwards.

I used to be able to select an email, hold the shift key to select a block of bulk emails or hold the ctrl key to select multiple non-contiguous emails for deletion.  Once emails were selected I would click on the "Trash Can" icon and the emails would be deleted as expected.  This method does not work at all with Supernova......please fix!