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Mozilla you are corrupted by Google

Making moves connects to and connects to and

firefox uses google as default search engine which is how mozilla makes most of their income.

using another search engine in firefox is easy, disabling google safe browsing is easy, but on your addons website and this BS forum there is NO OPT OUT to google analytics and tagmanager.

go to hell.


Making moves

hello Winterbolt, i kindly ask you to not talk **bleep** in areas you are not educated in. Pages can use GA or GTM for various purpouses. Check what info these connections carry and you will see 😉 Also i could not reproduce your issue but i have add-on's so might be what is preventing the connections.


I disabled all extensions and now i see the POST requests i presume you are screaming about. It is blocked by firefox... And i checked the data for you, it is a mark, that me, as some connect user, visited this page (see the dl parameter). Good luck identifying me with this information. XD

Making moves

If mozilla gave a sh!t about privacy they would not use google analytics and tagmanager its that simple.

There is no blabla that can justify any connection to google, either you are against tracking or you dont.

Anyway we can closw this topic and continue in the other thread.

Familiar face

Who did you sell your soul to? You are unhinged!