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Mozilla's AI Innovation Week starts Mon Dec 11, 2023 on Discord. We want your ideas!


Mozilla just announced their first AI Innovation Week, happening on our AI discord (click for invite link) starting Monday, Dec 11, Pacific (UTC - 8). 

We'd love to have the sort of bright ideas that happen here on Connect to be represented in Discord - not just during innovation week but on an ongoing basis.

Here's some of the topics for the event, which will give folks insight to some of the innovative products and prototypes we're building:

Monday, December 11: Prototyping with AI + How you can build with us in the AI Guide (9AM PT)

Tuesday, December 12: Memory Cache: Your personal AI agent

Wednesday, December 13: Solo: Your AI-driven website builder

Thursday, December 14: Llamafile: Revolutionizing chatbot technology

Friday, December 15: Panel Discussion Transparency & Safety in AI

The blog post linked above will be updated with more details, but I'd love to see folks during my presentation at 9am on Monday Dec 11 in Discord, where I'll be discussing the rapid prototyping process I've been taking at Mozilla, and how we've tackled the need to learn and pivot in a rapidly changing technological landscape. I'd love to know how other folks are managing this, and what outstanding needs and knowledge gaps people have.


Making moves

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Making moves

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