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Mozilla Monitor's new experience is live-introducing Monitor Plus!


Big news! Today marks the launch of Mozilla Monitor Plus, our newest subscription tier, designed to actively defend your privacy. Launching in the US, Monitor Plus empowers you by automatically identifying and removing your personal information from sites that sell it for profit. Imagine your home address, phone numbers, and even details about your family, shielded from prying eyes. It all starts with a free scan (start now!), revealing what personal info is out there about you on these sites.

For $8.99 USD a month (billed annually), Monitor Plus takes the reins, requesting the removal of your data from data broker sites and reporting back and keeping you in the know, on what has been removed on your personal dashboard. But that's not all—we're also rolling out a fresh, user-friendly design and an enhanced guided experience in all regions. And of course, Monitor will continue to send Breach Alerts to all users, for free, your first line of defense against data breaches.


Making moves

I'm really curious if there has been any research in the harms of engaging data removal services. Upon the surface it sounds great, remove your information, but does the process of highlighting to data to be removed to these data brokers give attention to certain conflated information and profiles? This helping them clean up conflated profiles for better results for those who remain? Reviewing my own results the current listing has a lot of noise due to conflated persons with a similar name. This begs the question is who can afford to have their information removed vs who will be at increased chance of discovery where conflated information has been cleaned via the information removal requests.

I also wonder if this price applies to an entire family rather than an individual. It doesn't seem marketed as such and again, affordability for the average family is a question.

This product based approach feels like a patch looking to help while profiting and not addressing the root of the problem where legislation and regulation may be the only long term sustainable solution. Is there a design in the funding that addresses the affordability and long term shift in advocating for better controls on data brokers data collection?

Making moves

Hey criminals, take this money and just know that this guy might just have spare change in his pocket! Also here are all their information.

Making moves

Excited to see what Mozilla Monitor's new experience has to offer with the introduction of Monitor Plus! Curious to explore the enhanced features and benefits this upgrade brings to online security and data monitoring

Making moves

Mozilla Monitor is a phenomenal product. Something I have had to deal with is the comparison's to Google's "Results about you" option for Google users. I think there needs to be more marketing of Mozilla Monitor to show it's existing superior competency over the competition.