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Mozilla Error Message - no support needed!

Making moves

I realize that Mozilla Support is the place for help with technical or performance issues, however I don't really need help for this issue, but I believe it still may be of interest to Mozilla.  Today, as I reviewed my AMEX credit card activity, I clicked into a Apple.Com/Bill entry for more detail, by clicking "receipt" which always brings up the specific detail transaction.  But this time I received this message: "HTTP Error 431 Request Header Fields Too Large".  So, after trying a few more times, on other Apple.Com/Bill transactions, and getting the same message, I logged off of all programs and restarted my computer.  Upon restart, I logged back into Mozilla, and then into AMEX, but again received the same error message.  I then brought up the Google Chrome browser and logged into AMEX.  This time, when I clicked into "receipt" on one of the AMEX charges, it quickly brought up the detail that I was expecting.  So again, I don't need any help, but I thought someone with Mozilla might be interested.   Bud Carlson



Hi Bud, that error usually indicates that too many cookies have accumulated for a site (the cookies are sent in a header). Next time, keeping in mind that this will sign you out, you can try clearing the site's cookies by clicking on the lock icon at the left end of the address bar, then Clear Cookies and Site Data....