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Does Anyone Have Restoring Tabs issue, 2-3 times older Sessions Restoring. ver 121. So Frustating.

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Kindly anyone able to tell me or help me that how to fix this mozilla firefox desktop browser ver 121.0 (32bit) issue regarding restoringsessions.

what happesns to me, first i open mozilla firefox desktop browser by double clicking it then it shows tabs me which i remembered that i closed that session two to three sessions back i opened those many tabs. simply it doesn't restoring the 150 tabs iclosed earlier. instead of that it restores those 153 tabs which i closed 4 days back. or two days back.

anyone please have any suggestions upon this ??? can i help myself with that troubleshoot mode , about:config mode????


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What operating system, and is it still happening with newer Firefox versions? I'm having same problems with Firefox 122.0 (x32) on (x64) Linux.

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Sounds like you're talking about the same issue I've been having for over 2 weeks at this point. I closed tabs that I didn't want restored, then next time I restored the session, they were all back, and it forgot everything I had done prior, even downloads and history. Currently running Firefox 124.0 X64 on Windows 11. If it doesn't get fixed, I'm just going to use another browser, because god knows Mozilla's current focus isn't Firefox anymore.


Hi All, Firefox generally has access to a few different session history files at startup (assuming it is not set to clear history when it closes):

  • sessionstore.jsonlz4 - if Firefox shut down normally
  • recovery.jsonlz4, recovery.baklz4 - if Firefox crashed and this is the first startup after the crash
  • previous.jsonlz4 - tabs from the previous session (previous to the tabs stored in one of the above files)
  • any number of upgrade.jsonlz4-build_id files which are created as snapshots during automatic updates

I can think of a few different scenarios for when Firefox wouldn't restore the latest tabs in your last session:

  1. The latest file was not readable/corrupted, so Firefox used one of the other files instead.
  2. The latest file was readable, but incomplete for some reason. Perhaps a Firefox bug caused Firefox to stop writing to the file, or some other software locked the file and prevented Firefox from updating it.
  3. If security/privacy/utility software removed the more recent file(s) during a routine cleaning, so Firefox used one of the other files instead. (Beware of CCleaner, for example.)

I don't think it's possible for Firefox to guarantee flawless session history functionality. If yours is flakier than normal, you could consider using a session management add-on to also save your tabs, such as: