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Moderation of Mozilla Connect leaves something to be desired.

Familiar face

I understand the motives for creating an independent forum for curating Browser support and being strict about moderation (that is, approval of items before they go public) if they do their job of keeping the forum focused on the browser itself, and free of hateful content. I could even understand moderators taking the weekends off (and in turn freezing activity on this site) if the moderation was reasonable and effective. However, seeing the discourse around Yandex on this site tells me that moderation is lacking in a crucial manner, despite the emphasis made on moderating posts before they go public.

Case in point: this discussion post and it's comment section is filled with conspiracy theories and hateful content of undisclosed origin (including anti-semetic content) when the titular discussion should be strictly on the merit of keeping a Russian search engine as a default option. (Ironically, they make the case, to me at least, that Firefox is in the right for removing the search engine)

This would be unsurprising to see on Reddit, where there are no official channels for Mozilla and little moderation before things go public, but here, where moderation is a selling point, the fact these went public with little-to-no concern.....has me concerned.

If they were approved as a matter of "Free Speech", (ironic considering they are accusing Firefox of suppressing free speech by dumping a search engine option that can easily be reinstated by the user), that does not change the fact that they deviate the conversation from the browser itself into a justification for their own political viewpoints. In fact, I would go as far as to argue that they are more inherently political than the actions by Firefox which triggered the conversation in the first place.

I was looking forward to Mozilla Connect because I was looking forward to a productive space where users could actually contribute to the Firefox project instead of, at best, whining about changes they can easily work around, or at worst, promoting hate speech and behaving like a bunch of entitled children.

This does not cultivate an appropriate environment for Mozilla Connect, and if this is not rectified soon then Mozilla connect will become another failed attempt to organize the Firefox Userbase into a productive space wherin users can contribute to the browser. It will be no better than the Firefox Subreddit.

I'm am trying very hard not to stoop to their immature level when discussing subject matter unrelated to the Firefox browser itself. I shouldn't have to. This site should be better than that.

Edit: It would appear than based on how instantaneously this forum post went live, that the forum does not undergo the same scrutiny of moderation as the "Ideas". A fair enough default, but my above concerns still rest.