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Using AI for Firefox development

Making moves

I have seen a lot of discussion surrounding how to use AI in the Firefox browser. All of the talk appears to be focused on adding AI features to the user experience. What I have not seen, thus far, is any discussion about the use of AI to improve the development of the Firefox browser itself. If you provide the AI with the appropriate data sets regarding desired programming languages, rules, and vocabulary, would it not be able to look at the coding in the Firefox browser and determine what improvements to make. Or, taken in smaller chunks, have the AI improve, fix, or create a particular feature in Firefox. By utilizing the AI tools that are available now, you can increase the efficiency of Firefox development and help make Firefox a more competitive browser.


Making moves

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Making moves

i recently got my programming working alotbetter and malwarebytes shows 100% on web security-i use windows 10 and firefox-problem first seemed to be microsoft edge and internet 11 over riding programming - i went to google account and then security -scrolled down to password manager and linked accounts , it showed list of wesites trying to access my samsung info /banking info/passwords and email addresses - google runs a Dark Web scan , then i deleted these sites sharing personal info and deleted google account - after running malwarebytes it blocks these encrypted  link and websites --one of many microsoft port and ip addresses being blocked is IP port 445 -- appears to be microsoft SBM that links google and thier partner sites and block out other browsers such as firefox and breaks encrypted link on the trying to access personal info that they have no bussiness with --stops alot of the telemarketers and scams accessing my computer and phone --Thank to all listening