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Maybe blame Windows Update and not Thunderbird 115.3.3

Making moves

Hello, just fyi, I have been having problems with Thunderbird the last 2 days, ie since October 19.

I went to install an older version of Thunderbird from Uptodown (it didn't work) but noticed last update weas October 13 and 115.3 was first put out August 30. I generally install whatever updates Thunderbird suggests and noticed nothing different until 2 days ago.

What DID happen 2 days ago was Window did a forced update I did not ask for. I came home and thought my hard drive was busted because my laptop was frozen and black. I had to turn the power on and off a couple of times and then Windows Updates took forever to do it's thing. That's when I noticed Thunderbird all screwed up, including a new User interface, which honestly, looks pretty amateurish, with not enough spacing between lines etc (hard to believe they would design that on purpose).

This is when I started getting error messages in Thunderbird from snakes MICROSOFT saying my browser cookies need to be turned on (they are) to get my Outlook email in Thunderbird.

Ugg I hate Microsoft and I am so sorry for blaming Thunderbird.

Nevertheless, Thunderbird is only working with gmail accounts right now so too bad it's just not working for me anymore. Hopefully Thunderbird can iron this out with Microsoft.





By way of illustration
Automatic Conversion of Google mail accounts to OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Microsoft OAuth Authentication and Thunderbird in 2023
If you have a Microsoft 365/hotmail/etc personal account, use basic authentication (Microsoft’s guide on how to change this).
POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for

Another illustration

Change Server Security Settings Authentication Method from "OAuth2" to "Normal Password" ?

Other information No SMTP with Office365 if that's the case

About download

Index of /pub/thunderbird
Index of /pub/thunderbird

Making moves

I let Microsoft completely finish its Windows 10 update, but Thunderbird is still "not responding" ALL THE TIME.

Some of the email accounts would say 3/3 downloaded, 6/6 downloaded etc. But one account always have thousands to be downloaded every single day the last few weeks. I only have about 10 new emails each day. All accounts are set on POP3. Why on earth is it downloading 2564 emails? Today it's 1478 emails, and it's downloading the 48th email. What is going on??

One of my accounts also says there's either not enough disk space to download emails or else file system not authorized to receive emails...something to this effect. I'm not sure what it means. Never had such an issue. There's definitely enough disk space on my laptop.

I have not been able to do anything in Thunderbird for days now. Can't even x out from upper right corner. "Not responding"... all the time. I don't know what to do. 

Suggestions Mozilla??? Please??

I won't be home till December to Passport with my last backup in September before I left home. I've got lots of emails tagged since then, to print out etc when I go home. I'm afraid that by the time December comes, and I uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall, that chunk of emails from September to December will not download into my laptop if set on POP3. Or else my history from before 2022 will all vaporize if I set on IMAP.

Making moves

You cannot blame MS for the layout and functionality failings in 115 Superfailure. Most of the failings inflicted on users come from the developers.

Let's have a poll - send out a straightforward 'upgrade' to ver 102 and lets see how many users rush to take up the offer....  It won't surprise us, but it should be an eye opener for the developers.

Making moves

The solution id discussed here.  Of course it was a mozilla problem.  MS made a change, did Mozilla know it was comming? Mozilla should have made its users aware that in order to continue to use Outlook, 0365 etc. theyneed to check their settings and make the appopriate changes.  Instead they left many users hung out with no access and searching for answers.

Mozilla did an update and part of that update could have checked the users config and could have idetified the problem and instructed the users of the nessesary changes that would be required.

Very frusterating.

Microsoft OAuth Authentication and Thunderbird in 2024 | Thunderbird Help (