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Make all "new feature" introductions unskippable, mandatory, and more verbose

Making moves

I opened my DevTools today and was, as is often the case these days, surprised by an excellent notification:


I feel like these are not in-your-face enough and very easy to miss. Instead, I would appreciate if these were presented to me in an unskippable form, maybe an introduction video, right when I open the browser to start my work. This way, it would be impossible for me to miss this amazing new addition to Firefox. Or maybe it's just a feature that existed for a long time, but I just need to be reminded of it, so I can perform to the best of my capabilities at work.

Additionally, these introductions should be shown every single time I use the browser, in case I tend to be forgetful or just stupid. After all, they are shown anyway on every single Firefox release channel I use and they are also shown again on every device I use. If they were shown every single time I open the browser, it would improve consistency across devices, which seems highly desirable and it also gives Mozilla the ability to ensure I'm well informed and capable of using Firefox correctly. You can always remove the banners again when you feel your message has landed. Don't even offer the user to close it. After all, those "developers" can be glad they were even capable of opening the DevTools in the first place, right? 😂

In general, these notification need to be promoted, as they are crucial to my work flow in Firefox. Without the constant interference from new feature notification banners, I get used to the UI layout of Firefox fairly quickly and I get lazy. With lots of unfamiliar banners with useless information in the way, I'm way more on my toes and expect surprises on every single button click.

Jokes aside, this UX/UI pattern is a absolutely misplaced and it needs to die ASAP. You are creating hurdles for 99% of your existing user base just to explain a feature, that's already documented, to 1%. A tool should be a tool and nothing else. The tool should be excellent at the job is was made for, which is likely to perform some sort of work. Shoving "new feature" information down my throat is not why I pick up the tool. So why are you putting that in there?