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Latest firefox update

Making moves

I finally gave in and updated firefox to 99.0.1 and what a mistake. Everything is so slow to load it's ridiculous. Thanks Mozilla it's been a great ride but pretty sure I am finally done.


Making moves

I wouldn't upgrade to v99.. I'd backup files/bookmarks/account/etc.. and uninstall, then install latest version.

Making moves

starting with Netscape now i'm up to FF 100.0 !
i use at least 16 windows !
with multiple tabs EACH !!
ALL reloaded in 'my order' after restart !
so impressed ! so reliable ! so easy !
(do not ask about my bookmarks)

so this is pollyanna me thanking ALL who do so much !

if i could only send you my brain for a tuneup ...

Making moves

Same thing happened to me.  I can't even open Amazon in firefox since 'updating'. My bookmarks are impossible to find and it takes forever to load anything. Not to mention it looks pretty much like M Edge which I pretty much have to revert back to.

Making moves

I'm on 100.0.2 and it constantly crashes. Been using Firefox for 20 years, and now it's very unstable. Looking for alternatives.

Making moves

If you find a replacement, please post. I have same issues with some sites and can't download anything from anywhere. Downloading pdf's or files or anything is impossible. Spent 2 hours looking for fix. Chrome and chromium and a couple of other browsers won't pull up same pages on search, real crappy results. I've never seen it this bad. Linux mint mate 20.1 only VLC will play all my media files. All other video players for linux crash or scramble the picture on some videos. Audio players crash now too. I run my basement computer 24/7/365 playing music or videos, never a crash till 20.1

Making moves

Here we go again, updated to 101.0 and get freezes, slow motion and no response. Mozilla why do upgrades without testing them properly. I have started using Chrome and Edge but not enough to give feedback. 😓

Making moves

Firefox is definitely dodgy, I have been getting the update notification for a week or two, which I keep dismissing as my current version finally began to behave itself. I now have been having problems with freezing and slow loading, some sights will just not load up. My belief, this is a Mozilla action and I ask the question, does Mozilla glean information when we update ???

Making moves

Can't say I've experienced this myself, but a couple things you can do to help get it looked at:

  1. If you haven't already, submit any crash reports in about:crashes
  2. Record a performance trace (this is a bit more involved) and file a bug in Bugzilla (I can help if you need as I've got an account and done this before)