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Keyboard shortcuts, web apps, UI/UX

Making moves


I was a Firefox user once but I moved to Brave Browser since Firefox was and still is annoying me and there are better products. I have a few suggestions to help Firefox be competitive and good again.

  1. Bring back web apps: I do not want to install extensions for everything and definetly not for something so basic! This is the single biggest thing that keeps me out of Firefox.
  2. Change keyboard shortcuts: More specifically the "open new private window" one. Why is it Ctrl+Shift+P??? It makes no sense when "open a new window" is Ctrl+N. So "open a new private window" should be Ctrl+Shift+N so it is simillar to Chromium browsers and easier to click and more consistent with other shortcuts. I don't want to stretch my entire hand just to quickly open a new private browsing window.
  3. Also some of the interface elements in my opinion are way too big when they don't need to be. Overall I like the new UI but it's not perfect and certainly can be a lot better for not that much work.

These are the biggest things that keep me out of Firefox when these are changed and added I will consider using Firefox again and probably a lot more people will. Just because you're not helping the Chromium, Google monopoly on browser engines isn't enough. We want a working, good product.