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Why did you stop using Firefox/Android?

Making moves

To begin with, the purpose of this thread it let people tell what caused them to resign from using Firefox/Thunderbird and discuss those issues like civilised people. Not to express hate towards Mozilla. I ask you for a cultural conversation without negative targeting of any user or organisation. You may want to state that this topic is useless since Mozilla doesn’t care about our feedback – if this is the case just don’t write anything, please. Hopefully they will. And even if they don’t, we don’t really lose anything, do we?

So what caused you to stop using Firefox/Thunderbird? Or maybe you still buy them, but are closer to switching than ever? What are things you don’t like about Mozilla’s recent decisions? What do you like about competitors you switched to? What could change your mind? Feel free to share your thoughts in this topic.

To be honest, I have no plans to resign from Firefox or Thunderbird. This topic is inspired by a similar one I posted on another forum – I thought your posts here could be insightful.

Alright, I did stop using Thunderbird it didn’t support sync for feeds, but it’s going to change so I’m coming back. I will, however, use this occasion  to express concern about Pocket, as its cookie banner is a dark pattern forbidden by GDPR and kinda against what Mozilla was supposed to stand for. I hope they will push for as much privacy as possible without breaking browsing experience too much.