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It doesn't make ANY sense that the library search box is cleared when selecting folders

Making moves

I'm sure other people have noticed this too, if they use the library often. I use it very often because I keep a large collection of bookmarks that has been following my web use for a few years now. I like the fact that I can simply press CTRL+J and it pops up. But I find it incredibly nonsensical and quite irritating that when I'm searching through my thousands of bookmarks, if I decide to select another directory, it automatically clears the Search Textbox.

I can understand if there are reasons this was done, but I still don't agree with it. There's always other ways to do things. The search doesn't need to automatically narrow when I select another directory. I could see where that could be problematic if the search was having to parse through all the data each time I clicked on another bookmark directory. I just want the text that I typed into the box to stay in the box. If I'm required to press enter to run another search within one of the sub-directories that I've selected, so that the search would run again, that would be fine.

I can't tell you how many times I've opened the library because I'm thinking of some bookmark that I remember from a long time ago, and I type in the search phrase that I think will find it.... oh d.a.m.n. I still have History selected in the left pane. Now I have to select 'All Bookmarks' and now I have to retype my search phrase because it's been cleared.

Please do something about this. I'd be greatly appreciative for it. This issue just makes the Library's interface seem clunky.


Making moves

I agree 100% and keeping the last 10 search strings in cache of a running session, should be an easy effort in programming.

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Sounds like an idea