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Is it intended if Firefox saves data of the Dev Tools' New request in Private window

Making moves

1. Run FF in the private mode

2. Open the Dev Tools. Open Network, choose the New request. Fill the form, send it.

3. Close the Dev Tools in private window, next close a Private window. Open the Dev Tools in a regular window, choose the New request.

Now you see the parameters and URL, entered in the private mode


If I clearly understand concept of the Private browsing, all data entered in the Private mode, should be cleared after quit of the private mode. Of course, that data should not be appear in regular FF window.


FF 124.0.1 (64-bit)

Ubuntu 23.10, GNOME Shell 45.2


Making moves

The answer is that I also want to know, how this can happen.

But one more thing I am also using Mozilla browser but I have not faced any such problem yet. but you can get you answer from visiting roofers of Arlington

If you want to face with this problem, you can reproduce all steps what I described above


Good catch, thank you!

I filed a bug for this, we'll look at it at our weekly triage meeting next week.