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individual Start Page no longer possible

Making moves

with the last update there is a new Startpage.

In former version it had been possible to use an individual startpage (like You now can still enter such a start URL, but it is ignored. It now starts always with the Firfox default startpage. More important: it uses now a default search engine (Bing?) different to the search engine selecte in the settings.

Only at the second tab (my setting: blank page) the correct search engine is used.

Any fixes for this?

Best regards

Peter Fladung



Making moves

They do not care for our needs and desires and though our support of using their browser persistingly instead of the Google Chrome for so many years they try to make us loose our patience and return to Google Chrome. Anyway lately I see many incompatibilities in web pages support that enforced me to selectively return to Google Chrome since Firefox Mozilla has follen to about 2% of total usage that would mean that those incompatibilities may increase. So no matter of our desire to remain in Mozila we will be pushed to return to Google Chrome even by neglecting our needs by the Firefox Mozilla policies. This issue of not letting us to select our own choice of every next new tab opening is just a cherry to make us additionally upset as users.



@Alt wrote:

Firefox Mozilla has follen to about 2% of total usage

I use Android on my smartphone, and Google Chrome is the default
Android? market share worldwide

What percentage of Android users worldwide use Firefox?
Why aren't they using Firefox? Is it because Google Chrome is the default, and, well, it works, so why look elsewhere?
With the help of Responsive Design Mode
If I modify the User-Agent? does it count in the statistics?
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
Bookmarks in Firefox
In my screenshot, you can't see the star in the address bar
It's normal, for reason, I use a userChrome.css code
#star-button-box {display:none!important;}

Familiar face

As of now on version 121, if i set a link such as what you suggested, the page opens when i start the browser, when i open a new window, and whenever i press the home button. The only time that link doesn't open is when i open a new tab. I see this was a while ago, maybe the new versions would work better for you?