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Imported logins (passwords) won't be synced

Making moves

Passwords were imported from Google Chrome on Windows 10 in Firefox 102.0.1 (64 bit), then syncing...

Firefox 102.0.1 (64 bit) installed on Linux, syncing... result: imported passwords aren't available. When I added manually some logins and synced them, then the sync was successful.

After several experiments I decided to save passwords into a file on Windows and I imported them on Linux from the same file.

Unfortunately the above workaround isn't a solution when I move the the third, forth, fifth, ... machine and I use them simultaneously or alternately.


Making moves

I found a solution here:

Copying below in case it disappears.

"I resolved this issue with the following steps:

  • Browsing to:
  • Clicking on 'Show' for 'Devices and apps'
  • Clicking disconnect next to all devices
  • Clicking Done
  • Closing Firefox
  • Re-adding just the machine with the passwords

It immediately auto-synced all passwords and then I reconnected the other machines, they synced as well.

I guess maybe there were some hiccups between devices... I don't know."

I tried it, but didn’t work for me!

The important thing is, you have to remove all of your devices in Connected Services, including the one with the synced passwords (passwords won't disappear). And them sign in again, starting with the one with passwords.