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Import of a changed appointment fails.

Making moves


I have a use case where users can download appointments from a website via .ics file. If one of these appointments changes (time/day), re-importing the file will fail.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Create an appointment in Thunderbird and have an invitation sent by email to receive the .ics file.
2. Change the date or time of the appointment and have the change sent to you via email to receive the .ics file.
3. Delete the appointment from your calendar.
4. Import the first .ics file using the import function. => Works
5. Import the second .ics file using the import function. => Error

An error is thrown when importing the second .ics file. Error code: MODIFICATION_FAILS
The following error is displayed in the Error console:
Error: ID already exists for addItem

If you use the "Accept appointment" function in Thunderbird directly in the email, Thunderbird processes the appointment change correctly. But not via the import function.

Expected result:
Thunderbird adopts the changes from the second .ics file during import and adjusts the existing appointment accordingly.