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IMDB Resetting Photo's

Making moves

When on a movie and looking at photo's pictures keep reverting back resetting tself, other browsers tested are not doing this.  Firefox has many bugs these days.



Could you explain this in more detail. I see two ways to view photos from an example IMDB listing (Tampopo):

Is that where the problem is? What happens exactly?

Its where the Photo's is writting in big bold  letters close to the top of the page yo cant really miss it, in most movies there are several pictures, you have a slide show style preview.  Once you select a picture then another it reverts back to the default picture you first selected.



I appreciate your sentiments but posting about something multiple times I havent got the time, feel free to report the bug if you want I dont mind but I thought it only courteous to reply to jscher2000 request hope you dont mind

Community Manager
Community Manager

Please submit any bug reports to our Bugzilla site, so they can be properly tracked and addressed by the right internal teams.