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download options gone, what happened?

Making moves

Ok, there are a lot of similar topic almost the same subject! But there is no solution. Since a few days ago, "open with" options instead of save the file has gone suddenly. Last week I was using this option that no need to download just only open and take the file. Now, it must be save in somewhere.

There is no any special option in download manager followed tool-->download center....bla bla... there is only two option..ask or saving folder setting.

I don't know what did you do of the download management, but would be fine if it get back. Otherwise I will turn back other alternative because of this problem is really tedious!



On the downloads list, if you right-click the download to call up the context menu, can you find "Always Open Similar Files"? If the site sent a specific content-type identification and your OS has a program to open that, it should be there. Unfortunately, if the site sent a generic binary file content-type, that item will be missing. That's a little harder to work around...


thanks for the advises. Generally I am using almost the same sites but the problem appear on all of them. I don't like to install fist then open the file if I don't need the keep that file. Thatswhy, when asked to me "open with winrar" instead of "download", was much practical. No problem with context I think. Problem is something changed suddenly by firefox ...both of in my computer at home and at work.

Making moves

Restore download prompt in Firefox 98

1. Enter "about:config" in the address bar.

2. Click “Accept the Risk and Continue”.

3. Enter "panel" in the search bar, wait for results to be displayed.

4. Go to

5. Toggle its value to false.


Keep in mind that will be removed once the feature is debugged (as we have all experienced with other temporary preferences). Keep reporting problems because if you wait until that is removed, it may be too late to get the changes you want.

Making moves

I have put all updates on hold ever since they messed with my bookmark spacing making the empty space double in my bookmarks. Now i have been proven once again that my decision was a good one.

Ive been a user since the days of netscape but if more of these idiotic changes come then i am abandoning ship. I have installed Brave browser and use that M$ POS edge. I have noticed that i am using firefox less and less now. Shame. But times move on.


Double spacing the padding on your own bookmarks? Not a good idea folks. Twice the empty space and no means to fix it. And you, firefox, as well have not fixed this in months now either.