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I urgently want to delete preinstalled certificates. Does Mozilla earn money for not allowing me to?

Making moves

Hello I urgently want to delete some of the root certificates that come bundled with firefox. I can not really delete the certificates. It is only possible to restrict a preinstalled from being used.

As the preinstalled certificates appear to be hardcoded into the program code, it does not help to modify the file named "cert8.db".

I would like to know if Mozilla got paid to include certificates of dubious origin, who is in charge to make a decision on including a root certificate or not, and why Mozilla does not trust the users of Firefox to decide on their own which root certificates they want to use.

Anyway I am switching to chrome because I no longer trust Mozilla.



In recent years, Firefox uses the cert9.db file; you can delete the cert8.db file.

If an issuer is determined not to be trustworthy, the issue would be discussed on this list:

However, if you want to make changes just to your own installation, I'm only aware of the "Delete or Distrust" feature.