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I submitted an idea and it's gone. How do I find what happened to my idea?

Making moves

This was my idea. I log back on to check on it and it's gone. I cannot find any link to it or any message telling me where it went. This is an important idea to me and I want to get it in front of someone at Mozilla. I am frustrated at how difficult this is, and at the absence of communication.


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How does that help? I am asking what happened to the Idea I posted on here. Is a deceptive site? That's the site we are on right now.

I want to provide feedback and idea suggestions. I can't do that if my Ideas get removed without informing me why.

**bleep**, my bad had 2 tabs open and posted into the wrong textarea ... sorry.

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All new posts and edits need to be approved by a moderator before they are added to the site.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @shaneyv3,

All ideas go through moderation before they are visible to the rest of the community. Your post is open now at Optionally use Bluetooth seek buttons to control audio rewind/fast forward 

Sorry for any confusion — there's also more info here: Ideas Guidelines 

Looking forward to hearing more of your feedback/ideas 🙌

Jon, Community Manager

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@Jon  Was this idea deleted? It's been unavailable for a few days: