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Firefox Android 14 v127.0.1 having to swipe the menu twice to get to QUIT option

Making moves

I have a Pixel 8 on Android 14. My OS updated yesterday. I assume it was the June security update.

I have the app configured to close all tabs when I use the QUIT option, which I use pretty regularly. I also have the address bar configured at the bottom of the screen since that's much easier to reach than the top of the screen. The three-dot menu is in the bottom right. Within the last few days (before the unrelated OS update), I've noticed that I can no longer access the QUIT option by tapping the three-dot menu and swiping up once. If I'm on the new tab page, tapping the menu opens the full menu which is smaller with less options and shows QUIT at the bottom without needing to swipe. If I'm on a webpage and tap the menu button, the menu opens and takes up about 2/3 of the screen. If I swipe the menu once, it expands to full screen vertically but stops at SETTINGS at the bottom. QUIT is the next option below that and requires another swipe to get to it which also pushes the NEW TAB option off the top of the screen. I don't know if more options were added to the menu recently (it's 1 option too long to fit the screen) or if the scrolling became bugged somehow. I'm not sure why it stops at settings instead of sliding all the way down to QUIT. While trying to QUIT, I've accidentally selected SETTINGS more times than I can count lately. It's quite annoying.

I have no idea how to add labels to this, but it's obviously related to Android and Firefox.
EDIT: There was a "tag" option after I submitted. 🤷‍♂️ It also forced me to sign in, so I guess I can go ahead and add a screenshot now.