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I miss how easy it used to be to send feedback

Making moves

In previous versions of Firefox (on iPad and iOS at least, I can’t remember on desktop because it had less issues) I used to go to ‘settings’ > ‘send feedback’ in the menu and I was shown a very simple form where I could submit feedback (I seem to recall selecting emojis?). I the whole process took only a minute or two.

Now when I press on feedback, it takes me to a web page titles Ideas @ Mozilla which tells me the site is deprecated and you’re moving to Mozilla Connect. When I click on the link labelled ‘Visit Mozilla Connect’, nothing happens!

I went out of the settings, opened a new tab and navigated manually to Mozilla Connect, registered and account, and only then am I able to report any issues.


Making moves

I've been searching for that feature for 15 minutes now and still can't find a way to send feedback.

This has shown me I"m not alone in my search, but...