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I'm a dev that's used Chrome extensively and would like to support and transition to Firefox

Making moves

There are things that make it difficult to change to Firefox compared to Chrome while I'm building web apps.

1. When I'm in inspector mode via F12 I noticed that refreshing the page removes the ruler which makes it so I have to toggle it on again. This is a real pain in the butt and it should always be on when it's toggled on or at least do what Chrome does and display the width x height of the visible screen when resizing even if the ruler is off.

2. Also another thing I noticed is when I close a tab in Chrome I can reopen that tab and it keeps all the history behind that session which helps me go back and look at things. It would be good to have that feature as an option in Firefox.

3. The tab system for Firefox requires more clicks when there are a lot of tabs open while in Chrome they just let you keep adding more and more tabs which do not have scrolling which saves clicks when developing something. Reducing clicks should be the goal not increasing it. Firefox looks nicer but it's more painful to use.

4. Also not directly related to development but when using Youtube the videos don't auto start like they do in Chrome. You have to click to watch the video. Why doesn't it automatically start when the tab is focused?

Please help me support Firefox instead of Chrome.


Making moves

In response to #2 - I already see this in FF.  If I close a tab, then Ctrl+Shift+T, the history is preserved.  You can even see it by long pressing the back arrow. 

For #4 - That might be the auto play blocking feature, you should be able to allow YT to play videos automatically.


Hi, the Dev Tools team has a forum over here where you may want to mention #1:

For #3, the minimum tab width you can set in about:config is 50 (values of browser.tabs.tabMinWidth below 50 are ignored). To get narrower tabs, you would need to dive into the world of style tweaking.