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How to use Bugzilla

Making moves

I'm using bugzilla for the first time and I'm not sure about the exact process of using it. I found a new bug in Firefox, but when I submit it in bugzilla, the the website gets stuck at this page and then it won't continue. I'm pretty sure the bug wasn't filed correctly, because I don't see that I filed a bug in my dashboard and when I search for bugs, I don't see my submission records.

Here's how I did it.
1. Click on New bug and go to this page
2. Click on Firefox and go to this page
3. searched for similar issues in the past, and found no similar cases
4. Click My issue is not listed,and go to this page
5. described the bug correctly according to the Bug Writing Guidelines
6. Attach a mp4 video file for display the bug and how to reproduce the bug. The file size is about 19MB
7. click Submit Bug
8. came to the page just mentioned, but the bug wasn't actually submitted

I would like to know how to report a bug submission. Did I do something wrong?