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How to turn off Firefox Suggestions in the iPhone app and delete associated data?

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Hello, I’ve turned off Firefox suggestions and search suggestions in my desktop and laptop browsers and cleared all history and cached data from my account, yet Firefox suggestions still shows up on the iPhone app with data that’s supposed to have been deleted. Where is the data coming from and how do I turn off Firefox suggestions in the iPhone app? I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro.


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Thank you for your question @mmmayer015 

To turn off search suggestions in the Firefox for iPhone app, you can go to the settings by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and selecting "Settings". Then, under "Search," deactivate the "Show search suggestions" option.

Here are some additional resources for managing your Firefox sync data and search suggestions on the Firefox for iPhone app:

Hello, thank you for your response. Search suggestions are already turned off. The label the suggestions have when I type in the address bar is “Firefox Suggestions” and it is pulling website addresses from my “History” even though the history/cache/etc… has all been deleted. Is this a different suggestion feature? If not, why did turning off the suggestions not work?

I realized it is pulling from my bookmarks. However I would still like to turn off the “Firefox Suggest” feature. To be clear this is NOT the “Search Suggestion”, it is a different suggestion feature by Firefox. How do I turn off “Firefox Suggest”?

Thank you

Hey @mmmayer015 

Referencing the steps here. These are the steps I suggest to try:

  1. Open Firefox on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap "Settings" at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Tap "Privacy".
  5. Find the "Firefox Suggest" option and toggle it off.

Thank you for your response. There is not an option to toggle Firefox Suggest on/off in the privacy section of the iPhone app settings. I also checked for address bar settings in the app, as listed in the link you provided. However there are no such settings in the iPhone app either. I’m going to try turning this feature off in a desktop browser that I am logged into, to see if the browser sync will disable the Firefox Suggest feature on my iPhone.

Please add the Firefox Suggest toggle to the iPhone app settings.

Thank you

I toggled the Firefox Suggest feature to off in the desktop browser and synced my browser on both the desktop and iPhone app. Firefox Suggest is still running on the iPhone app. Please advise.

Thank you for persisting @mmmayer015 

Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the firefox app on your iphone?

Firefox Suggest is still active after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, signing back into my Firefox account, and re-setting up the settings like before. Please advise.

Thank you

Any movement on this?

Hello, following up again.

Thank you

Hello, following up again

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mmmayer015 let me reach out to the team and see if there's an update

Thank you!

Any updates?

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Same problem here with Iphone (13 mini) with Firefox 110.2 and Ipad Air (3. gen) with Firefox 110.1

Thank you!

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It also suggests in private tabs.

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This needs sorting out. It's unacceptable that 'Firefox Suggest' cannot be turned off in iOS. I'll be changing browser.

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Same problem on iPad Air 3d gen

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This really needs fixing. The fact that I’m getting sites I only visit in private tabs suggested to me in normal browsing with no way of turning this off is outrageous.

The whole reason I use private tabs is to not have data stored yet it’s being stored AND suggested back to me! ill conceived by the Firefox team.

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This renders private browsing useless. Please fix this.